Abby's journal



November 22, 2017


Our website statistics show Steve's blog pulling quite far ahead of this journal. Now, you wouldn't think a spiritual being like myself would ever condescend to raw competition, would you? Of course I would. Matt and I competed all the time, in a good-spirited way. Steve doesn't remember how competitive I could be. But again, it was all in good fun. We never seriously argued about that (it was always that we were jealous of each other). Have you noticed that couples who argue, really only have the same argument over and over again? But we won't go into that. Steve trusts me implicitly now. I will trust him implicitly when we next incarnate together, because buried in my subconscious mind, will be the memory of today. Now, I can see his every thought* and his every action. I know he is faithful, because I can see everything. That experience will be a felt-but-unseen reassurance when we next take a human life together.

Isn't it interesting how opposite methods produce the same result for different people? Steve has learned to trust based on knowing my heart, not being able to see anything at all. I have learned to trust, being able to see everything.

So now we must pause, as Steve started this needing to go to the bathroom first, and he can't concentrate.

Okay, back... I don't compete with Steve much now, because there aren't so many areas we could compete, and also because in those areas where we could do it, I have an unfair advantage. My joy is in assisting him by certain mysterious means, in our joint work together. And his joy is in providing me a platform to reach out to certain people on the earth. Right now, very few people are interested in his reincarnation work; but quite a few people are reading Steve's article about continuing a relationship across the Great Divide. So my work is getting done (albeit on a limited scale), and his is on-hold. He understands this is a matter of timing.

This morning I woke him up early, which I always do when there is some new piece of research to discover, which he will need to add to his book. Looking for one thing, he found another. I love collaborating with Steve--it is one of our great joys, here, but rarely can our collaborations here reach out to help the people on earth. Because our relationship spans both "earth and heaven," we have the advantages of both. We have my guidance and assistance, but we also have a way to reach out, through Steve, the "man-on-the-ground." This was once known as having a "muse," and it was understood to be literal. Someday the world will come to this understanding, again, and relationships in which there is "one foot in heaven, and one on earth" will be more common.

Because, it is simply a phase. Some day, all people (or most people) will be able to access the astral world as a matter of course. At that time, when a soul-mate couple is severed on earth; when one of them "dies"; then they will simply shift into a different mode, with new capabilities for service. This is a long time in the future. I don't mean the near future.

But the "veil" is definitely thinning. In fact, some of the chaos in the world is for the purpose of distracting people from the more important shifts that are occurring. Yes, Steve, I am giving you the impression of "Ghost Busters," the movie. The truth that the veil is thinning filtered down, and down, and down, into a comical movie which the masses could absorb and enjoy, as entertainment. But it carried a shred of reality in it. And the truth in it was that the veil is thinning; and that science will have to come to grips with it.

In the news, now, front-and-center (and you know that I don't mind addressing topical things, though Steve avoids them in his own journal), is the issue of women being sexually attacked. Steve has determined that this may have happened to me, once. I won't give all the details. Only, that it was tolerated by society even more in my time. I have given Steve the thought-burst that this was the idea behind hoop skirts. Have you seen pictures of them? Steve will hunt one up, now...

Nobody could grab your genitals with one of those on!! It was like a lady-tank...**

In our day the fear was not only the attack, itself, which most often consisted of a forced kiss; it was what our boyfriend would feel about it. Because he would be terribly jealous and disturbed. The thing itself was simply disgusting. I'm giving Steve to feel, now, that it would be like falling into a pool of slime, or vomit. It meant nothing in terms of arousal or temptation. But your boyfriend would imagine that you were aroused, you see, and feel jealous--and no matter what you said, you couldn't talk him out of it or see reason about it. So either you had to keep it secret from him, which put a wedge between you, or else you had to come clean. Then, he might try to kill the fellow, or he might get arrested, or he might get beaten, himself (if the perpetrator had friends), and for some girls it might lead to her boyfriend challenging the man to a duel, and the whole thing was a huge mess. I chose to tell Matt, because I wanted no secrets between us, and he finally came to understand that the fellow had bad teeth, I wasn't attracted to him in the slightest, and so-on. I was honest that I had responded for a split second out of habit, and because I was angry at Matt (this happened at a time when we were separated, and this fiend, pretending to be a friend so as to seduce me, was telling me lies about Matt, at a time when we had been separated). Matt and I struggled with it for some time, but he came to where he understood that I had been attacked and tricked.

Well, there are many other things in the news, but you are not getting the true picture. Steve is pausing, so as not to insert his own ideas... It is the birth-pains of the new era. It is the collective minds and hearts of all, rising, but struggling with their own ignorance. It's as simple as that. As for the despotic powers on earth, it is the collective ignorance of humanity which has thrust them into a position of prominence. That, in turn, creates the suffering which will force humanity to renounce the ignorance which raised them there in the first place. There is no other way. And that is as much as I am giving Steve to say about it, today.

As for those who are not participating in that ignorance, it is a rough road. We struggled against it as Abby and Mathew--Steve struggles against it, today. By rights, he should have a wide audience and at least a comfortable living, from this work we are doing. And for the matter of that, how many of you have purchased my book, meaning, the book about our relationship? Very, very few. Why? Does it just not seem necessary, with so much that I have channeled in this journal? Does it simply not occur to you, because it isn't advertised in the accustomed manner--because nobody is telling you to buy it?

Obviously, I don't need money, and I don't care whether people buy it, or not. That's not so easy for Steve, as regards his book about his past life. But from my perspective, where I see it as energy, the energy will move as it is destined to. Whether or not that translates into money energy, just depends on the spiritual and practical requirements. "Practical requirements" also include Steve's spiritual well-being. If it is not beneficial for him to be famous, he will be protected from that. You know, if you are famous, you get this little nagging feeling in the back of your mind, "I'm somebody special." This is poison, very deadly, from the spiritual point of view. It is usually a blessing if it can possibly be avoided. The ideal thing is to get the work done without especially coming to anyone's notice.

Now, I understood this back in the day, but I didn't have it quite right. I made Matt promise to keep his work anonymous--but what happened was, his legacy was stolen and scattered, so that it adversely affected the work, itself. When an ignoramus claims to have written your work, then people get the strange idea that an ignoramus can write elevated work, you see. And that is confusing to them. Then, they believe that anything the ignoramus subsequently produces, is to be absorbed directly into one's being.

Suppose you...Steve is fighting my analogy, wanting to convert it, but he will now go directly with what he senses from me. Suppose you go to a dive bar, and the bartender serves up a wonderful, magnificent drink, which you have never seen, before. Actually, he has stolen it from a high-class restaurant. But he pretends he has concocted it. And you believe him. Now, you bring all your friends there, and they try it, and they all like it very much, and soon he is doing a brisk business. But he runs out of the stolen supply, and begins mixing his own drinks. They are of much inferior quality and ingredients--but now he has the reputation, you see. So people continue to rave about his drinks, and to quaff them, until some people begin to get sick, and finally the scam is exposed. But many people have gone blind, and some have even sickened and died, before it is all over.

This is something like what happened when Mathew's works--and my own--were stolen by lesser lights, and taken to be the work of those authors, by the public. So today, it is different. Steve is open to the possibility of being famous, or not, as is required. But he writes openly, under his own name. He does his best to prevent anyone from copying or stealing it. The result, so far, is that he is completely ignored! No-one's worldly fame is driving any interest in his (stolen) work. But it is also not being watered down--and no-one else's career is being falsely established by claiming it as his or her own.

This method takes longer--but the end product remains fully intact. So we shall see. His book, with all the help I have given him, is very powerful. But that power is held in abeyance. How long, is a matter for the Elders to decide. We are the workers, but not the deciders.

Do you sense any power in my journal, here? I am not shy about having power. When a wood-worker has power tools, does he brag about them, and show everybody how powerful they are? (Well, maybe some do.) But generally, a wood-worker who is serious about his craft, thinks of his tools as tools. Sure, they could cut through the wall, or slice gaps in someone's car, if he wanted to use them that way. He could threaten people with them, or brag on them. But he simply thinks of them as tools to get the job done, because he is focused on the result. He wants to create a beautiful rocking chair, or an exquisite bowl. Just so with any power. I was able to find amazing things for Steve's book. At first, when I did this, he wanted to tell everybody, by way of proof that I exist, and all of that. Every single time! I waited patiently. Now, he simply understands that this is "astral technology," if you will (not gadgets), and it is useful when getting a work done. I can take the normal synchronicity of events, and bunch them together. If you imagine a string with beads, I can bunch up the string so that the beads touch. Got it? The string is time and space--the "beads" are events, or objects. I can bunch the string so that Steve, over here, and the piece of evidence, over there, cross paths. I did that just this morning (after waking him up early) with the piece of evidence he described in his blog. Just a little thing. But suddenly one of his seemingly wilder claims, makes perfect sense. I knew he needed that extra bit of information.

So now it is time for Steve to get his mother up for her early-morning medicine, and get a snack, and then he has to give his cat a kidney-disease treatment (water injected under the skin) which, he says, gives him the "heebie-jeebies" every time he has to do it. Life and all of its demands have to be met on earth; while I am free from such requirements in the astral world, where I am on a lengthy sabbatical! :-) But I thrill to watch how Steve manages the mundane challenges in his life. Someday, this same set of skills will serve quite admirably in more serious endeavors, which we will tackle, together.

Love to each and all,

*Because he has given me permission.

**Most of this (not all) was after my time, but I saw it from here. I have also given Steve (as he feels) the further impression that it was deliberately designed to be complicated to take off unless you knew how, so as to prevent rape, or at least buy the woman some time to scream for help. Note that the men who wrote history completely missed its purpose, and simply made fun of it as a silly fashion. (That's what women wanted them to think, though some husbands were let in on the secret.) I am also giving Steve the strange thought that in my day, a woman prized her virginity as part of winning a husband, and cruel men would try to break a girl's hymen with their fingers as a prank--and that to prevent this practice was one of the main reasons the dress was invented, by a sympathetic man. For the record, Steve has never read this anywhere (nor does he intend to search for it).