Abby's journal



November 19, 2017


You may recall me having said that in addition to piano, I also played harp. Steve has found references to it in his poems of tribute to me, as for example:

Play thy golden harp, lady,
 Let its thrilling tone
Echo every heart-throb—
 Echoing thine own.

I just made sure that Steve found this video of Amy Turk playing Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor (one of Steve's favorites, and also Mathew's, of course). Amy plays very well, and she looks quite a bit like me--somewhat in the face, and she has my coloring, both hair and skin (my eyes were hazel--Steve, being color-blind, can't tell what color Amy's eyes are). I was somewhat more petite, but this would have been how I looked to Mathew in my early 20's.

Well, I just thought you'd like to see it. Per usual, Steve's subconscious mind leaps up and says, "There she is!!...oh, wait a minute, maybe that's not her..." But this is the experience Matt had, when I played for him privately, and he would be transported by my playing. What bliss, a marriage like this between soul-mates! He would tell me stories--long, involved stories; then we would make them up, together, on-the-spot--we would read poetry to each other, our own and our favorites by others, in our best reading style; and I would play and sing for him. We lacked nothing in the age before technology. (If the truth were told, we were much richer.)

The URL on Youtube is:

Or you can play it directly off our server. As before, if you choose this option, give it some time to load.

Love to each and all,