Abby's journal



November 15, 2017


Steve had the whim this morning to click on the link for this video from "60 Minutes Overtime," which he rarely does. Did I subtly prompt him somehow? (I'm not telling.) But though I rarely do this, because this link will only remain active on the internet for so long, I wanted my regulars to see a video. This little girl is rather like I was. She is a couple of years younger than when I first started tutoring Matt at age 14; but I wasn't much bigger. You can see why he humored me at first, when I fell so much in love with him.

Steve's first impression was that she takes herself rather seriously--but so did I! It's because she is an adult inside. I was, too; and the secret frustration is when everybody treats you as a child! I played piano with a similar maturity and mastery. It came to me effortlessly; and it was my playing my heart out for him one day, when I was a little older, which caused Mathew to first fall in love with me. As said, we remained chaste for some time, but he wasn't humoring me after that.

Alma even has a bit of my coloring--you will notice she has a few freckles, especially around her nose, and this is precisely the way mine were (how awful!). I was a fully-formed woman, bursting with philosophy, poetry and music, caught inside a stick-figure of a body, deeply in love with a rustic prince of a boy four years older and 6 foot 2! But he had a poet's soul, and I reached out to him soul-to-soul. He was also a skeptic, especially about love, having been rejected by the town flirt. Oh, how I hated her! I knew it wasn't Christian of me, but she was toying with the most precious thing, my prince's heart. I would give him my heart, and he would see how true love nurtures; and he would relinquish his shield of cynicism. But my bravery came at quite a cost, until I pierced his heart with my music, and he gave it to me, where it was quite safe.

But, I digress, and Steve is having difficulty channeling my thoughts rather than interposing his own, so here is the URL for the young lady improvising on "60 Minutes":

Here's an interview that Steve was able to save and put on his own server (Steve says give it a little time to load)--you'll see that Alma also plays violin. Steve has been able to determine, from Mathew's poetry and my stories, that I played piano, harp and lyre. Steve doesn't feel that I played violin, but he's not exactly clear why. My father played "fiddle" for dances, so you'd think I would have; but he's feeling a "no" about it right now. Perhaps I felt that I would show him up? Or didn't want him to teach me, which he would have insisted on doing. Or something like that.

Love to each and all,
Abby, alias "Sally Trot"